Frequently asked questions

You can find the most frequently asked questions about pricing and plan here. For further queries, we request you write to us at

Yes, at, you get the flexibility to either subscribe to a plan or pay as you go. You can choose any icon or icons of your preference and buy it without having to buy any plan. You can also buy the whole icon set, the same way. does not allow monthly auto-debit option for billing of your plan. However, you can choose between our three different plan , based upon your usage - the Starter Plan, the Golden Plan and the Go Unlimited Plan. However, you have the option to buy the plan on monthly or yearly basis by clicking on either ‘Monthly’ or ‘Yearly’ buttons on the top left corner of the Plan section. For Starter and Golden plan, you get a flat 25% discount when you go for yearly plan. The Go Unlimited plan is billed one-time for a validity period of one year with 80 icon downloads available for each month. If you exhaust your limit from either of these plans, you always have the option to buy more icons by simply paying for the icon/icons or the icon sets.
In our Go Unlimited plan, you get the freedom of not having to buy a plan on monthly basis and focus on your project. In this plan, you get 80 downloads per month.
Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. In that case, your remaining icon download limit for that month will be there available for use. Once the 30-day time is lapsed from the date of your purchase, your remaining downloads will be lapsed and you will no longer be able to use those.
Yes you can upgrade your existing plan at any time. Suppose, you are on the starter plan with 25 icon downloads available for 30 days. On the 20th day you have 10 downloads remaining. Now, you decide to upgrade to the Golden plan with 50 icon downloads per month. In that case, you can select the Golden plan and pay the respective amount. Doing so will upgrade your Starter Plan to the Golden plan for 30 days, and the remaining downloads from your previous plan will be rolled over to your existing plan, that is 50+10 = 60 downloads for the month.